The support functions ensure the proper management and performance of the firm.

HeadMind Partners regularly offers jobs in these departments: Communication, Accounting, Management Control, Legal, Career Management, IT, etc.

Cybersecurity. Digital projects.
Artificial Intelligence.

Together, let’s build a secure and responsible digital society.


Cyber Risk & Security

AI & Blockchain

HeadMind Partners is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and so is committed to its employees and ensuring transparency and equality in their professional careers within the group. Our rigorous HR teams (recruitment, career, training) ensure that employees are treated fairly throughout their professional career.

You benefit from close monitoring by two people:

  • A manager, a real support on a daily basis, who has a coaching role.
  • A Talent Developer, offering HR support during your career, who will ensure that you are satisfied and that you develop your skills and training for rapid advancement;

Every year, you will have annual appraisal interviews. These interviews are a high point in your career and are conducted by the Talent Developers. They are an opportunity to take stock of the past period, to validate achievements and fundamentals and to plan objectives for the coming period. This is also the time to structure your training programme for the coming year.

Throughout the year, HeadMind Partners strives to develop team cohesion. Two key events mark the Group’s year: the Kick-Off & the Garden Party. In addition to these two major events, numerous opportunities for dialogue and discussion are organised within the various entities.

In addition to these formal meetings, leisure events take place throughout the year which give you the opportunity to broaden your contacts in a variety of contexts: Wine Club, Running Club, Beijafoot, Gaming Club, neighbourhood parties, etc.

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